Active Directory Programming Examples

This page contains example 3 of VB Programming for Active Directory.

Example 3
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Wow! This web application turned out great! As an added benefit; it's an awesome example of how you can pull off really cool apps without knowing a lick about what you're doing. OK I'm a pretty good VB.Net backyard programmer, but nobody's going to hire me to write code. Anyhow I get this idea I'm going to try and take my example from last week (Example 1) and try to port it to the web. Well I spent a couple of nights searching the net for anything that could show me how. I found lots of stuff, much of it in C#, but I couldn't figure it out. I asked a buddy who gives me lots of tips and he confessed that he too found it to be very challenging. Then on the 3rd night I stumbled on this ASP.NET GridView control demo. Turned out to be pure GOLD! Within an hour or two I had a proof-of-concept and a day later the program I present here.

Basically the demo showed me how to feed data to a gridview control from memory or from a data base. I started with a new project and selected ASP.NET Web Application (Which proved to be pretty awesome on it's own before I added a stitch of code) then I cut out or commented out the parts I didn't need from the demo, pasted in the stuff I choose to keep, added a few columns, hid a column and a few controls, added a textbox, a button and a check box, pasted in the search routine from Ex.1 and BANG! New program. Running it in debug mode and getting it to run on a web server were to entirely different things, I'm still not sure how I got it to work, but I did. You can check it out here. I wish I had an active directory it could search for you, but it's enough to show you the basic idea.

Note: For purposes of the Web-Demo I converted it back into a Database app. The AD version, provided in the DL, works the same way except for the edit/Delete/Add features. Anyhow here's the ZIP

Download Example 3 I think it will work in any environment where there's a Windows Domain Controller. You may have to customize the column labels or the fields pulled to suit your own organization. ENJOY! Here's a list of Active Directory User Attributes you can use as a guide.

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