Active Directory Programming Examples

This page contains example 2 of VB Programming for Active Directory.

Example 2
Aggregate Team Group Memberships

This is one of my latest programs. It was written as a companion application to my UPT (User Provisioning Tool). It incorporates many examples of working with Groups using VB. Things like Listing a users group memberships, listing a groups members, Adding and removing users and Groups to/from groups, Listing a groups MemberOF property, searching for users and groups, the ADTree View tool and the listbox tool, modifying user and groups properties/attributes (Including multivalued attributes), how to get the current domain name (So your code works in any domain with out having to specify it.)

I wrote this program to so I could easily see all of the group memberships of all of the members of a particular group. If I enter a group called Desktop-Support, all of the member of desktop support will be listed in the top listview area. In the lower listview area all of the groups those members belong to are listed. High light a user and his specific groups membership are highlighted in the lower area. Conversely, if you highlight a group in the lower area, the members from the top listview are highlighted. Right click on users and groups to see other functions. You can select multiple users and groups to perform operations on.

Download Example 2 Requires Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0

ATGM Screenshot