Welcome to my Active Directory Programming Blog

Hi I'm Robert Kirchhof and I'm an Active Directory system administrator. Once upon a time; I wanted to create a custom application to make things like creating user accounts, groups and contacts easier for our Techs and users. When I started hunting around I couldn't find much; although It's gotten a lot better since then. Any how I thought it would be a great resource if all of the tricks I had to painstakingly hunt down, were all in one place. That's the motivation behind this website. I'm not a professional programmer and everything posted here has come from somewhere else on the internet. My programming technique has been to hunt down little snippets here and there, cut and past them into a form and make them work together.

On the examples page Iíve listed (Work in progress) virtually every routine, in the form of example programs, I have hacked together with the hope that it will make that hunt a lot shorter for other frustrated code hounds looking to nab that little bit of secret code that will do exactly what they want. I've pulled them back out of my programs and set them up to run as stand alone routines where I could. Everthing is was writen in Visual Studio 2010 .Net 4.0.

Here's an example, did you ever want to give the users of your program a simple way to browse through the Active Directory to select a particular OU, Group, Contact, computer or user object. Well I found this jewel of a tool written by Chris Wright CJWDEV© that makes it a synch. Check it out on this thread from the VB Forums. AD Tree View thread.

Guess that's all for now I hope you enjoy your stay and that you'll find just what you've been searching for.